Human Values Center

  CLIENT: Human Values Center is a collaborative group of researchers, scholars, practitioners with expertise in holistic human development, education technology, culture transformation, leadership and many areas of expertise that when brought together, have created ways to help optimize human potential. This foundational shift allows for culture change and evolution. For each person. For every…

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Immigrant Justice Advocates

CLIENT: Asian Americans Advancing JusticeImmigrant Justice Advocates is a campaign to make the US Deferred Action Program more approachable and more accessible to undocumented youths in America.   STRATEGY: According to organizers in the field, there are two main obstacles facing undocumented youths: one is the stigma of being an “illegal” student, the other is…

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Got Drought?

  GotDrought? began as a concept for a few billboards and blossomed into a statewide campaign, aiming to draw parallels between industrialized animal agriculture and the drought in California. Did you know that the choices you make could potentially save over 3,000 gallons of water? That saves a whole lot more than taking a short…

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Peoples love of cupcakes runs the gamut from absolute love to fanatical obsession. Christina discovered her hidden talent when her neighbors and co-workers began knocking her door down for another soft, perfect bite. We were equally enthusiastic when she asked us if we could help her narrow down ideas for a name and create a…

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VOURVOULIS ARCHITECTURAL GLASS Over the past 30 years, Philip Vourvoulis has established himself as one of the foremost experts in the country for architectural glass, both interior and exterior, decorative and performance. With a broad background in design and manufacturing, he has developed a close working relationship with leading architects and designers, as demonstrated on…

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  Family owned and operated since 1976, Flores Upholstery remains the final word in soft things one sits on. “Modern” and “Retro style” were two ideas emphasized in this project. The trick was figuring out how to make something look essentially classic but also contemporary, or is that just a contradiction in itself? The resolution…

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alexis Briet Fine Jewelry

Alexis called this year very excited about an upcoming opportunity in her blossoming jewelry business. She had a dream of building an identity that represented her as an individual as well as her business. Something that people would understand as refined, elegant, unique—also she has an affinity for bees?  

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